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Commercial Locksmith Charleston

Commercial buildings

Commercial buildings often rely on a system of locks to keep people out of areas that aren’t public.

They can help to keep workers safe and they help to protect confidential information. It is imperative that you choose the right commercial locksmith with Grade 1 locks that help you to meet the goals for your company.

Historically, locks were very simple mechanisms that helped to deter people from going into areas where they didn’t need to venture.

Now, locks have become more sophisticated and can provide strict control measures for certain areas of a building. With the increase in technology that has happened in the security industry, you have a lot of choices to think about when you are in the market to replace a lock system.

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Finding the Right Locking System

A commercial locksmith, such as Locksmith Charleston, can provide you with valuable insight into which solutions might help your company. You have to think carefully about the goal and function of the locks that you are having installed. One consideration is the type of locks you will have the commercial locksmith install. Electronic locks and biometric locks are great options if you need strict control over who enters specific areas. You can also use other locks, such as carded locks, keypad locks, or push button locks, but you might not have as much control over the entry to these spaces.

You should remember that you don’t have to stick to one type of lock when you are making this decision. Instead, think about each door on its own to determine what type of lock you need the commercial locksmith to install.

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Exit Devices & Panic Bars

Exit devices and panic bars are typically installed on exit doors and fire doors. These devices and locks help users exit the building in the event of an emergency and must be installed according to ADA regulations. If these devices are not working correctly, you could be risking lives in the event of a fire. At Locksmith Charleston, we can repair or replace springs, vertical rods, outside trim, cylinders, dogging kits, and end caps for example. We understand exactly how these devices work so we can repair them in no time at all.

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Contaroll Access Systems

At Locksmith Charleston, we are very clear that security in a company is fundamental, which is why we offer you our service for access control systems for companies,

But what is an access control system?

It is a high-security electronic system that restricts or allows a user access to a specific area validating its identification through different means such as code, biometrics, or identification cards.

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access control system

Why access control system are they recommended for company?

The keys can be a great inconvenience for any company. On the one hand, we can find many companies that, for security, many of their doors are locked. A key for each door can become a great inconvenience and at the same time a delay of getting to lose one of them which can suppose a stoppage in the productivity and loss of money for the company and in Locksmith Charleston we do not want that and for the same reason we offer this system because with an access control system could be accessed with a simple code or a business identification card.

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We are a commercial locksmith so we can help you find optimal solutions for your security needs

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The keys also represent a serious security problem for your company.

What could happen if one of your employees lost their key? All the locks to which that key gave access should be changed. With the access control system, this problem disappears since it would be enough to cancel the device that was lost to block access.

Thanks to this system we can give access privileges to an employee according to their needs and obligations without having to carry different keys. The access control system allows managing the permits in an individual way and even in a collective way. For example, allowing only the maintenance room to enter the maintenance department

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complete control

With this system we will be allowed to know who was in the room of a particular event, in addition, we will be given information about the number of employees that there are at any given moment in a particular place since they will let us know when they have passed through a point. in particular and at what time.

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