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Smart Keys Charleston

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If your vehicle does not use a key blade that turns in an ignition and instead uses a push button to start function, you are using a smart key. Smart keys are extremely sophisticated remotes that communicate to the vehicle’s computer by transmitting certain frequencies to let the vehicle know when the key is inside and when it is not. A vehicle using this system will not start the engine unless it senses a programmed smart key inside. Not any smart key will start the vehicle. Only smart keys that are programmed specifically to a vehicle will start that vehicle and only that vehicle. An unprogrammed smart key will do nothing.

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How Smart Keys Can Improve Home Security In Charleston

Smart Keys provide consumers with cellular locksmith services that are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Smart Keys utilize radio waves to communicate directly with the car’s electronic system to perform basic functions like opening the trunk lid, unlocking the trunk, and beginning the ignition. The technology is so advanced that some cars will start the engine without starting the door; this is due to the fact that the signal can be interpreted by the locking system.

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Configurations Of Smart Keys

Car manufacturers and distributors have been using smart keys to protect vehicles for years, but the ease of use made the product very popular with consumers. Car owners and drivers can now install this new device to protect their vehicles at home, on the road, or wherever they are. Car owners and drivers no longer have to worry about forgetting the combination to the automobile door lock, especially if they are traveling, because the device will open the door every time someone presses a button on the remote control. There is never a concern about forgetting the code for the opener.

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Benefits Of The Smart Key

One of the many benefits of the Smart Keys is the fact that they provide an added layer of security. Most people have keys lying around in their vehicles, which provides an opportunity for identity theft if the proper access codes are not used every time the doors are closed. With smart keys, the homeowner can simply punch in the access code and let the door lock itself, without worrying about whether the codes were previously known or not. This security measure gives homeowners peace of mind, which means more peace of mind for them and their property

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Top Notch Car Keys Service

At Locksmith Charleston, we carry a wide range of keyless entry remotes in stock so we can come to your aid no matter the time or place to get you back on the road in no time. More so, as we are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools, our trained locksmiths at Locksmith Charleston are able to program the replacement key for your specific vehicle. Our prompt response time,  service throughout charleston SC and the surrounding area, experience and reliability is the reason car owners trust us whenever the chips are down.

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